October 25, 2020

A fact of nature: when faced with resistance, police generally respond with "rough" behavior, regardless of a subject's color.

 TMZ, predictably, like all timeless voices of the victimized classes, stirring shit up again.

A police officer has been suspended after dragging an underage, black teenager across the pavement ... despite the fact the teen is not resisting.

The incident went down in Mansfield, Ohio earlier this month when Officer Jordan Moore stopped a car driven by the teen's dad. It's unclear why cops stopped the car. The video begins with both father and son on the ground ... surrounded by cops.

You see Moore drag the teen by the back of his hoodie ... from one side of the police car to the other. The kid is fully compliant ... no resistance whatsoever.

Cops then manhandle the dad and aggressively shove him in the squad car as well.

Police Chief Keith Porch says Officer Moore squarely violated department policy. Moore did not give the suspect a warning to comply and he was not resisting. The Chief says Moore's conduct violated Dept. policy, saying, "There was no immediate need or emergency for Officer Moore to take the action of dragging the arrestee."

One thing BLMers and all other anti-police sobbers are keen to repeat and repeat and repeat when we are presented with filmed footage of a police officer shooting an unruly suspect is the tired mantra of, "We don't know the whole story.  We weren't there.  We don't know what happened before the video started."   

Well.  This works both ways.  TMZ made clear we don't know why the police officers in this video were aggressive but I doubt it was a random "let's kick some black ass today" campaign on their part.  Not in October of 2020, the year of pandemic stagnation and pathological racial equality.  

Modern police can generally be counted on to respond to suspect behavior in proportional+1 amounts.

This applies to all colors.  White, brown, yellow, mauve...everyone is going to be manhandled by police if they resist arrest or give them any reason whatsoever to believe their life is in danger.  A suspect alone shapes the encounter and its escalation.  If a person ramps up the tension level, the danger quotient, the police will respond a few extra levels in order to subdue the situation.  And if the police initially choose to take it to a +1 level without provocation, a smart thug with rudimentary survival skills will bear the abuse for the big picture.  Life is rough and unfair regardless of what the boo-hoo liberalentsia promises us.

Police manhandle everyone.  Who is taking videos of the other incidents that don't meet the TMZ agenda?

October 23, 2020

On malarkey and Congress and poor boys and buttoned-down debates

Kinda boring if you ask me.

I suppose 'tis the year of restraints and manacles, so last night's debate mute feature was not so unheard of.  It made for awkward repression and it teased out the most mundane personality bumps from both Trump and Biden.  Both guys were like dogs in sweaters.


And again, the partisan "my guy won" rancor broke out in the aftermath.  It's astounding that in the realm of political debates, a morass of Rashoman-like one upsmanship is as predictable as Joe Biden's mental slurring.  

It never fails.

If last night's debate could be summarized in a few temporal snapshots, it would be archaic terms which are only "cool" insofar as the left and mainstream media deem them appropriately so...,

...hear-a-pin-drop non sequiturs...,

...and re-branded villains,

These are a sign of the times.  

Repressed expression and bland boundaries of etiquette abound in the physical realm while chaos and anarchy abound online and in collective faceless public groupings.  

October 22, 2020

Will COVID-19 vaccine protect against tyranny?

As a law-abiding American citizen, I'm curious about something.

How am I supposed to take this?

Most Americans may have access to a COVID-19 vaccine by early this spring, one which could potentially immunize them by June, according to Operation Warp Speed's chief adviser, Dr. Moncef Slaoui.

"It's not a certainty, but the plan -- and I feel pretty confident -- should make it such that by June, everybody could have been immunized in the U.S.," Slaoui told ABC News' Bob Woodruff Wednesday morning.

It's not a certainty.  But it is a plan.

I have absolutely no intention of submitting my visceral flesh to an expedited vaccine for the sake of blind panacea.

Masks and spatial mitigation measures have worked fine.  

I have no problems with masks, but I do have problems with intrusive cockamamie vaccines scuttled through the process more expediently than they have a right to just to meet a cosmetic deadline announcement before Election Day. 

I don't feel compelled to line up for the Guinea Pig section of the COVID-19 vaccine line just yet.  Not when Slaoui doth protest so strongly.

 Despite the rapid pace of vaccine development, Slaoui said he has not received any improper pressure from the White House to expedite the process beyond what he considers safe.

"I've had absolutely no pressure, really, no pressure," Slaoui said, adding that he would have quit if that were the case. "And I have [always] said, if I get undue pressure, I will say it and I will resign." 

Wow, feeling a bit strongly about that, aren't you, fella?

Most alarmingly, Slaoui boasts,

I feel pretty confident...that by June, everybody could have been immunized in the U.S.

The way I look at it, "everybody" is a big word and the implication is that "everyone" will dutifully and willingly submit to receiving a novel vaccination introduced in the throes of an election season.  

I have no intention of being everyone and I wonder what measure of "liberty" I am endangering for that stance.

October 21, 2020


The title of the video I posted on Bitchute of President Trump's enigmatic exit from the Leslie Stahl 60 Minutes interview yesterday was deliciously simple.  Usually I try to come up with a "snazzy" subject line for blog posts, but this one says it all and parallels the vibe of his drawn face.


By all accounts, the interview was a hot mess of Trumpian Temper Trantrums and MSM Weasleitude, and the end result was an interview cut short with the public left pondering "WTF happened?" and revamped plans for Sunday night television viewing.

Trump's march away from the abbreviated interview displayed a bleak President who wore an unfamiliar forlorn look and who (in my opinion) appeared to be withholding a cough or breathing challenges.

"Dude,"  I want to tell him, "What's up with the long face?  What did that hag Stahl say to you?"

A long face is understandable after being hounded by this fellow COVID-19 sufferer, but damn, what did she tell him?

Inquiring (nosy) minds want to know.

October 20, 2020

Feminist Antitrumpsia condensed in one ball of misery

This is freakin' horrific.

Some clever, sadistic soul couldn't resist compiling several well-known car-video-selfies that have splashed across the internet in which loud, disgusting, histrionic women vented their Leftist menstruation from within the quiet privacy of their own vehicles.  Six of the videos have been tiled in a remote video meeting configuration while the audio tracks run simultaneously, a real shrill cacophony of derangement.

This is a conglomeration of leftist insanity wrapped up in one gruesome AV display of pure shit.  Use with extreme caution.

October 19, 2020

Police went straight to the hive to arrest a show-biz deviant in Hollywood last night.

Amid all the conspiratorial enigmatic subterranean gossip and conjecture about pedophilia and sexual grooming in the entertainment industry, a curious incident like this appears comically plain and direct.  No surreptitious Q gossip to be had here.  

Q-tards overthink?

Police went straight to the source, the breeding ground. 

A man suspected of "sexual assault of a minor" who works at Paramount Pictures was detained after barricading himself inside a building on the studio lot in Hollywood, police say. 

"It is unclear whether he is a contractor at the location or is employed by Paramount Pictures," Los Angeles Police Department Officer Drake Madison wrote in an email to USA TODAY.

The suspect has not been named. USA TODAY has reached out to Paramount for comment. 

California's Fullerton Police Department, which was initially investigating the suspect "for sexual assault of a minor," is handling the suspect's arrest and booking, Madison added. USA TODAY has reached out to the FPD for further information.

I wonder if he wore a suit and tie.  

I wonder if he barricaded himself in his executive suite?

FPD officers were near the Paramount lot attempting to arrest the suspect Sunday around 10 p.m. local time and had requested assistance from the LAPD. 

"They attempted to detain the suspect and he produced a knife at which time they used a Taser," Madison said. 

Police said there was an "officer involved shooting" at a gate to the lot, in which "40 mm and beanbag" shots were used but "ineffective." The suspect then "ran onto the lot and barricaded himself inside of a building."

"Around 12:15 a.m., officers entered the building and took the suspect into custody," Madison added. "The suspect was bleeding from wounds he sustained during the incident and was transported to a local hospital. The wounds to the suspect are self-inflicted knife wounds. No officers were injured."

Sounds like one of those pathetic, ostentatious displays of "suicide" whose aim is to evoke sympathy and lenience.  It's a bullshit, hollow move that no one of reasonable intelligence would fall for.  The suspect has Orange County connections, or maybe it was his prey;  he was at work late on a Sunday.  Or was he merely using his workplace to conduct  his sexual operations off-hours?

Who is this mysterious man?

A production crew member or an executive?   Maintenance or food?

The entertainment industry is a combined team of many, many roles so we can't know who this person was.  But when the name is released, watch out. 

October 17, 2020

The realm of mundane; a serenity for the modern age

In March, it was shock.  The store shelves were empty, fear of the unknown was gripping.  What the hell was happening?  It was new and dare I say...exciting?  It was upheaval in a way we had not seen in our lifetimes.  We didn't even know what to call it.  Coronavirus and all those cheesy tie-in memes to Corona beer?  COVD-19?  What was that?  It sounded sterile and like a cast-off sci-fi plot twist.

April brought us theatrics and the "unseen enemy" grew a face.  We were inundated with this graphic representation.

The deadly and mysterious allure of this germ consumed us. It was cold and rainy most of the month here in SoCal.  Everything was closed and life came to a stark standstill.  The roads were empty and Working From Home began to take shape and since work was not horribly busy at the moment, it was charming in its own strange way.  The fear and aversion to human contact grew and face masks became familiar but still retained their un-American exotic facade.

1st generation "mask" before the real deal - April 13

A thin pall of complacency settled in May.  This month separated the panicked from the bold.  And the nature of a pandemic is that immediacy fails to reveal itself.  Most people don't know someone who was stricken, much less killed, by the novel virus.  Its contagiousness exploded in the collective mindset and across the news media;  its virulence became a fixation of the societal script.  It was a statistical rarity but its threat loomed that if you were not careful, you too might become a statistic.  This detachment from the threat led many to let their guard down.  They began to downplay the virus's danger or the utility of face coverings.  Conspiracy blossomed.  The month ended on a fiery note and Memorial Day weekend was the fuel for what was to come.

In June, fires and racial grievances took stage.  There in the background, behind the noise, the virus stirred, but it was overwhelmed by the second wave of the year 1968.   The human plague of violence, impulse and ego sprung from the viral embers of COVID-19.  On the surface, the nation melted and smoldered, and beneath the surface, the slow-burning pathological leak ebbed and flowed.  A molten undergrowth tore us apart.  

And that was that, folks.

Since then, we have engaged in a battle of ricocheting events vying for our attention and concern.

Physical illness gives way to cultural disease for a day, then switch roles for another. 


All damned year long.  We've written this one off.  It's beyond reproach, beyond despair and beyond capturing.  We are biding our time with the deceptive notion that 2021 will bring succor.

We delude.

The price we will pay for 2020's good times will persist for a generation.  The magic "off button" of 12/31/2020 will not do a thing other than to reset the configuration for our inevitable hellbound tumble.

We are ensconced in a purgatorial existence in which the next move is a recursive repetition of our self-imposed limitations.  There is no breaking free of this sphere in which we are frozen in time and circumstance.

Each day repeats, and collective humanity's innate attention span and tolerance of a static existence become fiercer and stronger and time unrolls to torment for many.

But considering the trajectory of our world and its sweet embellishments of 2020, a mundane existence may very well be the greatest accomplishment and gift to be relished.  The path to contentment has always been a keen, sharp attenuation to the moment, the present, and its acceptance of the totality of possibility, but today, it is more urgent than ever that we recognize the direct path to the present.  We are living in a reality that hinders all paths to the future, and outward.  We are suffering from temporal blindness.

Happiness, that idiotic concept we believe is a reward, is but a fleeting state of counteraction because hurt and sadness must eventually replace and supplant its feathery weight with its burdensome inevitability. 

October 15, 2020

Mayor Betsy Driver, deviant Liberal, has cojones that the Right can only dream of.

The Right is calling for this thing to step down from its mayoral New Jersey perch simply because it has displayed cast iron balls that they can only dream of possessing.

And when I say "balls," I mean that in every sense.  Metaphorically, physiologically, hormonally...

Yep, "Betsy" Driver, intersexed liberal creature, mayor of Flemington, New Jersey, can teach Conservatives and the Right something about courage and ideological resolve in the face of public adversity and scolding.  

In other words, she told timid Rightists to eat shit. 

And they shall because that's what they do.

A New Jersey mayor will not resign after posting a Facebook message telling supporters of President Trump to “go f---” themselves.

“This is day one of the new SCOTUS term; the religious zealots want to enact the Christian version of Sharia law,” Flemington Mayor Betsy Driver wrote on Oct. 5 on her personal Facebook page. “If you voted for the orange monster with COVID, go f--- yourself. If you plan on voting for him again, unfriend me and go f--- yourself again.”

Driver, who is intersex, said this week she will not resign despite Republicans calling on her to do so, and she claimed Republicans cropped her original Facebook post.

Can you picture or fathom a Conservative politician, of any stripe or grandeur, telling a bunch of whiney Libs to fuck themselves?  Rightist public figures melt into slimy puddles of helplessness and apologies at the first sign of angry Liberal histrionics.  

Conservative politicians have no balls.  They are neutered sacks of sawdust;  they stand for nothing, and signify or epitomize less.  Malleable, scared of their own shadows, Conservatives hardly represent a force of political nature.  

Listen to this beast's flagrant rant.  

"That they are that triggered and clutching their pearls over my being upset and angry at the threats to my LGBTQ family by a Supreme Court enabled by their support of a president, who is hate-filled and unhinged every day, is sad,” she said. “It reflects their privilege that refuses to acknowledge America's diversity and their own intolerance of anyone who disagrees with them. By not calling out their own supporters, who are now resorting to personal attacks and threats on me and my family, just shows how depraved the Hunterdon GOP has become."


That, my friends, is an apology well done.

Republicans...you listening?

October 13, 2020

The Democratic Left in 33 seconds

Senator Hirono, sanctimonious lefty Dem from Hawaii, reveals a modern phenomenon:  Liberal Puritanism.  

Consumed and fixated with carnal matters of lust and sexual degeneracy, the Left wields accusatory swords when reputational trampling is called for.  A strong libido misused and misdirected is one of the worst traits that shall never be witnessed in a public servant in the Democratic mind.

Obsessed with scandal and moral failings of a sexual nature, priggish Democrats focus on sexual improprieties first and foremost.

You won't hear them asking 

Have you been accused of murder

Have you driven while drunk

Have you ever used cocaine

Have you ever shoplifted

Have you ever cheated on your taxes

Have you ever struck your spouse

Nah.  Instead  they want to know about your dirty sexual laundry.

Low virility is the Liberal standard of acceptable behavior.  

October 12, 2020

The Village People must be turning in their gay-raves right now

Oh wait, they're still alive, aren't they?

In that case, stay tuned for the latest cease and desist musician legal lawsuit to be filed against the Trump campaign.

Not for using their music but for an overall sense of boomer horror.

Hey man, no one ever accused us on the Right of being the hippest cats. 

It's OK, don't need to be;  we leave that to the juvenile, high school Left.